Serve God, love me, and mend.
— William Shakespeare

Series 1

Shakespeare and the Globe

Shakespeare Is Catholic. Few people realize the greatest poet the English language has ever known was a fervent Catholic on a mission to share truth with the English masses denied the mass. Until now. Please come and join us as we explore this great artist and understand the Catholic history behind the stories that have entertained the world for centuries. As we hear Shakespeare, we'll learn about ourselves, including what it means to be American and Catholic today. And we'll possibly discover our mission for the 21st Century. The series is for both Shakespeare newbies and Shakespeare lovers alike.

Classes include, 

  1. Shakespeare: a Life

  2. the Plays: His Cousin's a Saint

  3. the Code: Catholic Patterns and Themes

  4. the Church: Holy, Catholic and True Religion


Series 2

Comedies with Gravities

Our Shakespeare Is Catholic series continues by diving deeper into Shakespeare's comedies. Studying Shakespeare is a 3-fold opportunity to learn world history, church teachings, and Shakespeare's masterful skills as a Catholic storyteller. Truly, his comedies are filled with gravities as his comedies preserve England's Catholic history during the major Protestant movements of the 16th Century. Please feel free to join us as we hear Shakespeare. The series is for both Shakespeare newbies and Shakespeare lovers alike. Warning: his comedies are filled with gravities!

Classes include, 

  1. What You Will

  2. As You Like It

  3. A Mercy Plea

  4. The Tempest

  5. Much Ado


Series 3

Tragedies against Blasphemies

When the English State demanded control of the universal Church, we have the first fissures in English civil society. The best protection Englishmen had against an overreaching State (a free Church) was removed. Government oppression multiplied. False oaths, broken promises, and government propaganda flourished as the people’s rights and freedoms diminished. Into this situation steps a dissident writer composing rebel literature reminding the populace of their great Catholic heritage. In steps Shakespeare in his war against devilish blasphemies. Let us hear his poetic voice of reason in his fight against tyranny and his mission to remind an island nation to keep the faith and cherish the ancient religion that built their country. Let us hear Shakespeare.

Classes include,

  1. Roman Tales: Coriolanus | Titus Andronicus | Julius Caesar | Antony & Cleopatra | Cymbeline

  2. Royal Themes: Romeo & Juliet | Hamlet | King Lear | Macbeth | Othello

  3. Greek Tragedies: Troilus & Cressida | Timon of Athens


Series 4

Catholic Histories

Our last series ends with Shakespeare's banned Catholic histories. Why banned? Because they were too Catholic, a serious sin against the totalitarian government seeking to swiftly root out the nation's rich Catholic and religious heritage. Shakespeare's English histories are so filled with adroitly placed Catholic testimony that government censors created laws to curb his message. Thankfully, by now we know they couldn't. They simply changed the details of how he executed his strategy. Banned from writing English histories, he turned his gaze to Roman tragedies and Italian comedies among other things. Let us study how his mission began with a deeper dive into Shakespeare's histories. And let us follow his dear friends' advice to "Read him, therefore; and again, and again. And if then, you do not like him, surely you are in some manifest danger not to understand him."

Classes include,

  1. Richard III

  2. Richard II

  3. Henry IV

  4. Henry V